Confidently Secure

Black Oak Security Solutions offers a full range of comprehensive cyber defense services to design, engineer, maintain, and test your security posture.

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Our Process


Identify the need in your terms. Discuss what you think your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses are. Learn about organizational goals and define what success looks like. Black Oak Security will make recommendations based on your industry & regulatory requirements.


Design and develop a bullet-proof cybersecurity architecture. Implement best in class product & process. Create dashboards for monitoring, reporting, and awareness. Deploy solutions designed to harden your infra-structure. Train users to respond to emerging threats.


Conduct thorough assessments of overall posture and ensure objectives are met. Make long-term evolution suggestions and conduct necessary penetration testing or regulatory reviews to maintain compliance objectives. Promote lasting and rigorous security through leadership training & periodic check-ins.

Security Architecture

Our security engineers have decades of experience serving Federal Agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and Fortune 500 companies. We’re ready to own your project’s success.

Compliance & Risk Management

Our compliance officers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure you meet your regulatory responsibilities and pass your next audit confidently.

Cloud Security

Over two decades of experience in enterprise security engineering and monitoring for performant cloud systems you can rely on.

Penetration Testing

Our red team brings formidable experience and an adversarial mindset to your organization to expose weakness in your security posture across people, process, or technology.

Federal Services

Enterprise security assessment, consulting, engineering, and monitoring for cloud systems.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Black Oak Security adheres to the five operational functions of the NIST CS Framework. We can manage these functions across all your devices.






Identify your system and infrastructure vulnerabilities.