Systems You Can Rely On

Black Oak Security Solutions delivers advanced cyber defense across the spectrum of people, process, and technology. We’re experts in architecting, engineering, and maintaining highly reliable & secure infrastructure. Quite simply, we build systems you can rely on.


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SLA Uptime of Hardened Infra

Steadfast Security

Confidently Face Emerging Threats

Today's organizations face an unrelenting assault from nefarious adversaries. Our team stands ready to protect your investment in this crucial work of cyber defense. Our expertise brings cost efficient, holistic solutions to bolster your security posture.

Security Architecture

Compliance Monitoring

Cloud Security

Pen Testing

Federal Services

Our Services

With over two decades of experience in advanced cyber defense of Federal Agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and Fortune 500 companies, Black Oak Security Solutions is well equipped to provide managed services or consulting services for your current cybersecurity initiatives.

Our Commitment to Lasting Security

As of 2021, no Black Oak Security Solutions client has ever suffered a critical breach after our engagement. However, with a constantly evolving landscape of threats nobody can guarantee your network will never see an unexpected critical incident. If it does, our managed services customers can rely on our promise to triage the issue and restore security to your environment at no extra cost. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure your perimeter is safe and we offer these tools to guarantee your security advantage lasts beyond our initial engagement.

24/7 Support

Black Oak Security provides 24/7 x 365 support for critically urgent emergencies.

Lockout Response

If systems we architect ever go dark, we will isolate affected systems and remediate at no cost.

Annual Security Audits

An in-depth review of your security posture, policies, procedures, and practices with our expert guidance.

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